Give yourself time and space to grow

Counselling – How can I Help?

At some stage in our lives we may all get to a point where we feel low and need to speak to someone. Anxiety, bereavement, depression, separation and life events will all bring up feelings and emotions that can leave us wondering what to do and where to go. 

Counselling can offer a confidential and safe space for you to talk whilst someone takes the time to listen. Counselling will support you whilst you explore your feelings and, if appropriate, find a way forward.

Why Choose Counselling?

It is easy to tell ourselves that we are ok and to brush issues aside or put them to the back of our mind.  However, if we do this, they are still there and still need to be addressed to allow us to move forward.  By coming to counselling we can look at those things together, start to understand them and create new skills to deal with and manage them.


I am there to help you gain awareness and understanding of your feelings.  I offer you the time and space to explore your concerns.  I listen and guide you.  I work with you to help you find your own path.  Counselling is different for everyone but all is based on building a trusting relationship and the willingness to try.